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MY BUCKET LIST (an ongoing project)

June 23, 2012

Before anyone starts panicking (the two of you who read this blog, and who know me personally as well), don’t worry, I’m not leaving this mortal coil.  Well, I am, eventually, as are we all, but it’s not a planned thing.  There is no imminent departure date, I am not planning a cruise up the Styx, and I certainly have not bought/been given a ticket on the night train to the great beyond!  I have not been keeping anything from anyone.

I think that a bucket list should be kept by everyone; a list of hopes, dreams and goals that one can aim for, work for and invest time in.  It is about yourself, and only you.  What YOU want, what YOU wish for, and what YOU can actively make happen.

It’s also important to bear in mind that it really doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed in attaining all, or even any, items on your bucket list.  What is important is that you have dreams and that you go for them.  My bucket list changes, updates and has items included and excluded all the time.  This is the first time I have ever actually written it down, and by the time I have finished writing, it may change.  That’s okay.  I change on a daily basis, so it makes sense that my bucket list would.

I have already achieved many goals, now removed from said list.  For example (and not even remotely in date order):

  • Travelling round Australia and Thailand, by myself.
  • Jumping from a plane and free-falling for a minute before the parachute takes over (strapped to a rather hunky instructor for added bucket points!).
  • Getting a BA Hons degree (and getting a 2.1 grade in my dissertation, 2.2 overall – Desmond would be proud, I’m sure).
  • To be at the birth of a baby.  Thanks to my twin sister I was present at the birth of my niece Georgia, and was the first person to hold her who wasn’t a medical professional.  I will never, ever forget that experience and am so grateful to have had it.
  • To visit an eastern European country (Czech Republic many moons ago).
  • Leaving the housing co-op in a stable administrative position when I moved out after 12 years (and successfully fighting off the desire to have such achievement recognised – I overcame the wish for a little gold plaque dedicated to moi in a prominent position on the grounds of “eh, really?  WTF?  It’s a CO-OPERATIVE!  Oh, the arrogance…”).
  • Visiting Emma and family in New Zealand.
  • Driving around New Zealand with Gorgeous Sooterkin(R).
  • Gained a paralegal qualification in Wills & Probate and subsequently helped many people at a vulnerable time in their lives.  That one is ongoing.
  • To play a lead role in a production by the Sanford Collective (I played Antonia in “Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!” and though I say it myself, I was GOOD!  63 pages of dialogue I had.  63 PAGES!!!).

There’s more of course.  Some are a bit more personal, so it would not be altogether appropriate to list them here (my parents read this – no they aren’t the two people in the first paragraph, parents don’t count as readers as they are therefore emotionally blackmailed into reading this – and some things they don’t need or want to know!).  Some things I would put on my list now I have actually done as a child, because I was incredibly fortunate in having a family spread world-wide and therefore places to stay.  I have been to Saudi Arabia, Trinidad & Tobago and the United States, thanks to them.  I had wonderful, formative experiences in each place which specifically developed my beliefs and understandings.  I am very lucky, very privileged, and I know it.  I hope to share that privilege, which is partly why I write this blog.

A few things still on my on-going list (again in no specific order):

  • To drive/interrail across Canada from East to West.
  • To stay with Sooterkin’s family in Cambodia.
  • To meet up with several of my Femifriends from the groups in which I debate (I have met up with one, which was fabulous, but there are more I admire and would love to greet in person).
  • To be a Writer, and to believe within myself that I am (that one is almost there now, it is the self-belief which is lacking, but I’m working on it).
  • To become a published Author (best-selling and critically acclaimed would be nice, but that is definitely out of my hands!).
  • To direct a production of The Crucible for the Sanford Collective.
  • To live my life according to my principles and beliefs.  Obviously this one is ongoing, and I think thus far I have been adequately successful at this…  My conscience is generally clear!
  • To be the person I want to be.  Again, ongoing, but having it on the list keeps it clear in my head and I find externalising the point makes it easier to remind myself of it!

I think bucket lists are a good idea for everyone, whatever time in life.  I don’t want to wait until I have a time limit on me to do it, and I certainly don’t want to put extra pressure on myself by making them 5, 10, or 15 year goals.  If I don’t make it for some of them, so be it.  The list evolves as I do.  Some goals I might achieve, some I might not, but at least I’ll try, and ultimately for me, that is the most important thing.


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  1. Well you’ve done more of these than I have. I’ve done the degree, baby (2) and Eastern Europe (Poland/Cz/DDR). Other than that no.

    As to the still wants well you’ve seen my 40/40 and 50/50 so I am setting time goals but the former proves that the latter will not be complete. You’re right though it is good to make a list to show the things that matter to you, even if it is merely a chronicle of the person you were at the time.

    On the still to do I have acted in, not directed, The Crucible in a production we were invited to take to Edinburgh Fest. Fecking school wouldn’t pay. Because it was so strapped for cash wasn’t it?!

    • You’ve done at least as many as me, they were just different goals! Can’t believe your school wouldn’t pay – what a waste of an opportunity for them and the students. I’m guessing you can predict what I’m saying in my head about that ‘illustrious’ institution. Still, at least three excellent people came out of it – you, Chris and David! Admittedly, y’all are the only three I’ve ever met, but I know of one who is the devil to your angels.

  2. I had a bucket list some years back; I think I’ve done everything on it, and whenever I ponder making a new one, nothing comes. For awhile, it worried me that I didn’t know how to make new dreams. Now, I’m content with letting my life unfold, and living in the now. It took a lot of pain and tragedy to get me to this point, but it makes sense for me now.

    Also, I taught The Crucible to juniors. Just had to get my Crucible credentials in there, too. 🙂

  3. Marilyn Johnson permalink

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this and glad to have played a part in some of your goals. You’ve achieved a lot in your 40 years and I wish you good luck and good health to enable you to do, and be, whatever you want in the next 40 years. XXX

  4. That’s a GREAT LIST! I blog about my bucket list too-also not dying any time soon… I do it to remind myself to LIVE! I currently have over 260 items on my list and am over half way there (though it is growing all the time). I would love to be present at the birth of a baby too (besides my own-I have three).

    So far I have managed to do so much in the 18 months I’ve been blogging including:

    Fly through the Grand Canyon in a Helicopter
    Sky-dive for the hospice who nursed my father in his dying days
    Go Zorbing
    Visit the Big Buddha in Thailand
    See the Temple of Karnak in Egypt
    Take my 5 year old daughter to visit the REAL Santa in Lapland
    Take my children to Disney
    Watch a cirque du Soleil Show
    Ride a dune buggy through the desert
    Drive a Quad bike through the desert
    Go snorkelling in the Red Sea
    See Tutankhamun’s tomb and Mummy
    Go to the Maldives
    Go Wacky Racing – in a bed, a double decker car, a road-legal desk and a sofa!
    Go Bungee Jumping in Thailand
    Take my family Indoor Sky-Diving
    Stay in a Tipi on a working Ranch by the Grand Canyon
    Visit Las Vegas
    Ride the rides at the Top of The Stratosphere
    Learn to fly a helicopter
    Learn to fly aerobatics
    Go caving in a kayak in Thailand with my family
    Experience Weightlessness
    Zip-line from the top of Red Mountain in Nevada
    Hike through the Valley of Fire,
    Visit the Island of Phi Phi
    See the Statue of Liberty
    Go to a camping Music Festival
    Attend the 8 week course in Mindfulness

    This year I am staying in an Ice hotel,
    Hopefully seeing the Northern Lights
    Going on Safari in Kenya, Africa
    Visiting an African Orphanage,
    Seeing The Masai Mara
    Watching Fuerzabruta
    Going to Glastonbury
    Taking my sons for a helicopter ride
    Flying in a Hang-glider!

    It’s amazing what we can achieve when we set our intentions!

    • Having been present at the birth of my own two children I think it has taught me not to go anywhere near the happening of anyone else’s, a deeply harrowing and traumatic experience!!!

      • Traumatic, but incredible. I always cry at the TV shows where babies are born-but what a privilege to actually be there Red Baron! 🙂

        • Oh don’t get me wrong it was a moment in my life I would neither forget nor change but there is ‘the haunting’ thereafter! A woman’s memory is probably much of pain the like of which men are very glad not to have to bear, but our payoff for that is to see things the like of which…!

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