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Unnamed Hero

February 24, 2013

Change comes slow, slow

Quick, quick. Slow.

Led by charismatic

Personable and persuasive.

Won by so many.

The change is hard fought.

Always struggle.

Conflict and chaos.

In the slow growth

Reaching towards light

Holding hands, voices,

Hearts and heads.

So many will never rise

But they are the soul

They are the unnamed.

Heroes who held their own,

Whilst around was anger,

Confusion and hope.

Change came too slow.

Quick quick.

Too slow.

I will remember you.

The unnamed hero.

I will follow.

In my way.




Tina Price-Johnson © 17.10.12

This is the first of my poems to be posted on my blog – I may post more but am not very good at evaluating my own work so it will be a slow process.
This was written in admiration of the millions of people who agitate for social change, but whose names and activities will never be known to the society they care so much for and desire to reform.  These people are heroes, giving of themselves as I try to do, and as I try to emulate.  Social change is always hard-won, and hard-fought by those on the ground.  Like any battle, it is the mass of unknown people who effect the change, and will never be personally acknowledged.
This poem is my attempt at acknowledgement.


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