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September 18, 2015

No, this is not an announcement of pending en-childment.  I keep telling you, dear reader, I am aunternal, not maternal – my womanhood is not solely resident in my uterine area!

The title means I’ve joined up, signed on, put my money where my not inconsiderably vocal mouth is… yes, I am now a card-carrying (literally, lovely red membership card with my name on it AND EVERYTHING! It’s like when I joined the Famous Five Club but not quite as good as when I got my Blue Peter Badge) member of the Labour Party.

This was not an easy decision.  I have never been a member of any political party before, and I wrestled with my conscience about this decision for a long considered time.  I still do, and I think it is right that I do so.  A brief glance at previous blog posts will show that:

  • I don’t believe we actually live in a democratic society;
  • I believe in policy politics rather than party politics;
  • I believe we need a proportional representation electoral system;
  • I have been very vocal and literal (in the written word sense) about my support of the Green Party.

All of which would tend towards me NOT joining the Labour Party.

However, and although I still stand by all the points above, I have joined the Labour Party and it is as a direct result of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign, the policies and beliefs he has put forward which are a fundamental return to the roots of the Labour Party and what it should, could and now (hopefully) will stand for.

Access the link for more in-depth information, although this is grim enough.

Access the link for more in-depth information, although this is grim enough.

What it all boils down to is too many people are dying and suffering as a direct result of the policies incepted by the ConDem alliance and the current Conservative government.  The government statistics were finally released after the DWP and Ian Dunkedin-Shit Duncan-Smith as Minister being taken to court over a period of four years for refusing to release the information, showing the rise.  The previous statistics showed over 10,600 people died after being taken off incapacity benefit under the ConDems.

Some of these policies took root in New Labour and, as many have said before about this sea change in party policies, I did not turn away from the Labour Party, it betrayed and turned away from me. It spurned us when it became ‘New Labour’ and embraced the damaging destructive policies of profit-before-person and formed a dysfunctional relationship with an increasingly inhumane capitalist ideology.

It will take too long and too many more people will die before the Green Party can be anything more than a coalition partner in any future government.  There are too many people for whom the only voting option for a left-leaning let alone left-wing choice is the Labour Party.  Now is the time, under Jeremy Corbyn, for Labour to mount an honest, principled fight for the rights of and the living conditions of the intersectionally identified and identifying working person.

He’s already started, although the biased media would not let you know that.  It’s no surprise the media is biased; media in the mainstream exists as a profit-driven capitalist business model so they are not going to support anything which may take away their tax avoiding existence!  No more clearly was it shown than in the general election coverage earlier this year.   How many of the owners of our print/on-line mainstream media have tax havens off-shore? It’s in their interest to keep the status quo, and to push the right wing ideology.

Don’t forget, we all pay taxes, even those on claiming some form of benefit, through VAT on bought products for example.  Furthermore, the majority of those on benefit also work, so tax payers are subsidising businesses to pay lower wages.   Landlords receive housing benefit which perpetuates the high rents which in turn forces poorer people out of their communities and support systems, breaking social units down and making people more isolated and easier to exploit.

Capitalism is built on a system of dividing and driving down the wages of labourers and devaluing work in order to maintain and increase profits.  That is what it is about so we cannot be surprised that those with an interest in profit will support those perpetuating the system by which profit is made.

The problem with that is that the status-symbol, item-owning aspirational society that creates is not accessible to the majority of people.  Competition that capitalism relies upon won’t let it.  In order to maintain the competition, divides or inequalities have to be created and people have to be pitted against one another with the esoteric promise that they too can become rich, successful, status-symbol item-owning ‘winners’.

Before the 1920s, pink was the boys colour and blue was for girls. Gender is a social construct, fact!

Before the 1920s, pink was the boys colour and blue was for girls. Gender is a social construct, fact!

The pro-capitalist ideology was never more clearly shown in the criticism Jeremy Corbyn received regarding the appointment of his shadow cabinet ministers – all of a sudden the rabidly anti-equality press became virtuous purveyors of feminism in pointing out that none of the ‘top four’ ministerial posts had gone to women.  Well, that is only true if you believe those four (including his own post of Leader) are as listed.  The criticism only works if you believe that the shadow ministerial positions for Health, Education or Justice, for example, are not as important as Chancellor of the Exchequer, Foreign Secretary or Home Office.  I don’t believe this.  I believe Health, Education and Justice are all equally important if not more so at the moment, and I believe that a 16 women to 15 men ratio is a damn fine start!

I still stand by my beliefs that we do not live in a democracy, that we need proportional representation, and that policy driven politics are what we need over party driven politics.  I believe we need a system in which we are not valued by what we own and our wealth, but by how we exist within society to the best of our abilities.  Equality does not mean ‘same’, but more ‘same opportunity’.  Our principles are completely screwed up at the moment, quite frankly.

I believe in a non-heirarchical system of cooperative governing within smaller communities, ultimately, but that is not going to happen any time soon and there are too many people suffering and dying for me to wait until we do have a people-before-profit egalitarian system in place.

That’s why I joined the Labour Party.  I need to act and I now have a Party I feel I can believe in and through which I can be useful to the wider populace.  That does not mean I will stop criticising, stop agitating for change and stop questioning.  I also believe it is vital that continues and is fundamental to any political system.  I still question myself and always will, but for the first time since before Thatcher (and I was too young to really remember before that) I actually have hope that positive change could happen, might happen, and I want to do what I am able to help that change come about.

I'm standing with Corbyn and the Labour Party; it's time for a positive change.

I’m standing with Corbyn and the Labour Party; it’s time for a positive change.


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