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TAX… What’s the point?

February 11, 2016

Tax avoidance. It may be legal, but is it ethical or moral?

In the words of Nevyn

Yes folks, I’m supposed to be writing an essay… Which is why I’m on here 😉

Don’t worry, I’ll try to make it quick…

So, Tax*. What’s the point right? Why do I have to keep putting my hand in my pocket just for somebody else to benefit? We’ve all said something similar… Now, don’t tell you haven’t… And don’t go assuming I’m accusing you of being *ist about this… Alright, let me put it this way… TRIDENT. There you go… Why should you put your hand in your pocket (tax for the slow of uptake) just for somebody else (The makers of trident) to benefit?

So, yes… there are areas that lots of people agree that tax shouldn’t be used for… Bombing Syria? Building fences in Calais? Keeping the Royals? Paying MPs ‘expenses’? Building specially adapted homes? (One of those things I really DO believe the money from my…

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