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July 8, 2016


She moves, she undulates.

Each side-swaying step a glory in ripples.

Waves moving up, down, out.

Her skin barely containing her body as it strains.

Every shift in her weight marked out

By the beauty of her.


Her step is heavy, heavy as she seems.

But her step is light, light as the sun,

Gleaming from her skin in reflection.

Basking on her.  Over her.

Joyful to be able to become,

A part of her.


She takes up space, yet not enough.

Power contained, barely.

Muscles straining within.

We are drawn into her orbit, and

Never want to leave.

She is unaware.

She is beautiful.


Nearby, another steps out into sun.

Tight, drawn in, still in her skin.

As she makes her way through the crowd

She weaves between people.

Straight, intent.

Sparing and strong.


Skin sinewy layered over bone,

Her structure plain to see.

The form of body over bone,

Of humanity.

Life living and loved.

She too, is beautiful.


The older woman, walking,

Strength through use.

Strength through wisdom.

The sun finds its way to shadow,

Reflecting the wrinkles earned.

Her body a map of her life.


Each fold of skin is a mark.

A medal, a proud indication

Of her long, lived, life.

Every step taken, mistake or not.

Her beauty is proudly displayed.

Her beauty suffuses.


The last is slow, shuffling, gait awkward.

Held up and on by her stick.

Movement twisted.

Expression concentrating.

Pain present.

But ignored, beaten.

Control hard-won.


Her body is an everyday battle,

Which she has learned to fight,

With grace and with favour.

Reading the minutest hint

That she must take care.

She is beauty.


All the myriad variation

That exists in humanity.

That proclaims womanhood.

Is strength and love.

Is anger and hurt.

Is new birth and final death.


No one can be said to represent all,

And no one person is excluded.

All surface is temporary.

All is changing, inconstant.

All have power and pain,

and all I see are beautiful.


© Tina Price-Johnson 9th July 2014


I’m posting this as I was reminded of it and how much a friend loved it last weekend, whilst at the Matchwomen’s Festival 2016.  I hope you like it, I hope you share it.  Some positivity in this world gone strange and terrifying.


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