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The Trump Card

November 9, 2016


The Trump Card

What have you done, you poor and huddled masses?

Who sailed hopeful to the shores of your promised land.

You grew fat on the backs of immigrant oppression,

And we in our land co-founded, helped, and we profited.

But since then we thought that we had all learned.


Oh say, can you see, sweet land of liberty,

The horror of what you have allowed to become?

Did you not learn from the British concern,

When Europe broke down and we moved away,

To kill all the hope of those despair.


The star spangled banner in Trump triumph unfurls,

And smothers the land of the free and the brave,

In a wave of oppression and fall-out depression,

In God is your Trust but only the rich must

Be happy at this turn in the social hell.


I feel fear for my friends over the pond who

Are comforting the fearful they love who are scared,

That the Leader of the Free World, though self-proclaimed

Elected on grounds of bigotry and misogyny

Only the rich and the white are now safe.


Tina Price-Johnson

© 9th November 2016

Hope will return, I am sure it will, along with the fighting spirit, because really, what other option is there?


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