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UK Election 2017 – Your Vote Is More Vital Than Ever Before

April 27, 2017

Please vote. Your citizens, your community and your society needs YOU!

You still have time to register to vote in this upcoming, incredibly important election on Thursday 8th June 2017; registration closes on 22nd May 2017. It has never been more important than in this election yet myriad social media posts, articles, listicles, soundbites and other items have appeared which may confuse more than inform.

Don’t forget, though, local council elections on 4th May 2017 as well – many of you have two chances within five weeks to guide this country the way you want it to go!

I would ask you to bear in mind the following when picking your party:

  1. You are voting for a party, not a person. However much you may actually like your MP, is the party they represent the best for the country as a whole?  Read the manifestos if you can, links to the political party websites are below.
  2. This is not a one issue election, they never are.  The method by which the UK will Brexit is just one of many policies under discussion.  Make an informed choice, not a knee-jerk reactionary fearful one which the media and many politician seem to be attempting to force us all to do.
  3. Vote for what will be best for the country, not simply for yourself. It is too easy to vote simply to better your own position, but how can that be right if it means others will suffer?  Under the governments of the last 20, even 30, years the position of those without money, without accessibility, without equality, has worsened.  Picking the party that will potentially (not actually) increase the money in your pocket and for no other reason is selfish and in my view, immoral.
  4. Politicians argue with each other, that’s a very large part of their job. Try to analyse what they are saying.  Is it backed up by facts from independent sources, or if they are making promises, how are they intending to carry them out?  What is the costing for each policy? Where is the money coming from?

Look at the record of the party; what have they enacted previously? What was the result of such enactment?  Have they kept their promises? Do you trust the party to carry out their pledges, based on past behaviour?  Check out the voting record of your MP and any other you wish to check out, by clicking here.

A lot of people may intend not to vote and there are so many reasons for this.  More people didn’t vote in the last election in 2015 than actually voted for the winning party.  Think how those votes could have changed things!  You might think not voting indicates your disaffection with the system and lack of belief in it, but no-one will know that and the country is stuck with the result regardless.

I am voting Labour in this election; I live in a borough where it is a safe seat and I believe, upon reading all the manifestos and having followed my own suggestions, that the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is the best chance for a brighter future for the majority of us, in particular the disenfranchised, discriminated against and downtrodden members of society.

What I am sure of is that another term of a Conservative government will lead to more deaths, more pain, more hate and more divisiveness, and I am terrified that it will mean no more NHS.

If recent elections have shown us anything it is that if you believe your vote will have no effect so you don’t bother, then the worst candidate may actually be elected. Yes, United States of America, I am looking at you.  You may not be interested in politics, but it is interested in you.   Don’t let it be a one-way relationship.  Vote, and don’t let yourself be silenced.

Be informed and be the change we all need everyone to be.

Other sources of help in this election (also do a web search for articles and information):
UK Trans” – UK Transgender advice/campaigning site.
Operation Black Vote” – political campaigning site for BAME people.
Stonewall” – LGBTQPIA advice and campaign group.
Disability Rights UK” – Disabled persons’ advice and campaigning group.
In addition, advice for disability access when voting can be located by clicking here.

Party Websites/Manifestos (copy/cut and paste, or click the link):
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
 (Northern Ireland
Conservative Party (Tories
Democratic Unionist Party (Northern Ireland
Green Party (England and Wales
Labour Party (
Liberal Democrat Party (
Plaid Cymru (Wales
Scottish Green Party (
Scottish National Party (
Sinn Féin (Northern Ireland
Social Democrat & Labour Party (Northern Ireland
UK Independence Party (UKIP
Ulster Unionist Party (Northern Ireland

May your choices reflect your hopes and not your fears


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