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Bringing Buffy Back

July 27, 2018

Buffy reboot

I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS).  Yes, I have used the correct tense, even though it ended in 2003 (almost a whole UK school child ago; well until they said you had to stay until 18 years old, but I digress…).  I love it with a passion and intensity that a fan will understand.  Its seven seasons helped me through some emotionally turbulent times, and I resonated with all of the characters at one time or another.  There is so much about it that I could write a very long, detailed dissertation about why I love it and how it helped me, but here is one example:

Buffy musical episode imagePicture it – I am sat with two close friends watching (box-setting) some Buffy.  It’s the musical episode, and I am watching Buffy put her hands into flames.  I have been discussing personal problems with said friends and I say “I just wanted to feel something.”  Buffy etc. then burst into song, with “I Just Want to Feel”, and I get it.  I feel heard, I feel understood, I am able better to understand and deal with what-turned-out-to-be clinical depression.  The show helped me open up to others and to myself.

Now there is talk of a “reboot” of BtVS.  Yes, Mr Josh Whedon, him of the then-lauded and now-problematic feminism (the rose-tinted glasses came off as the fan base grew up; I don’t mean chronologically and I absolutely include myself in this), has spoken of bringing the beloved televisual experience back, and it has not proven popular within the Buffyverse (again, I include myself in this).  The showrunner working with him, Monica Owusu-Breen, has confirmed it is to be a sequel, not a reboot or remake.

A collective throwing up of hands and plaintive cries of besmirching of the beloved series have been sent out across the cyberwaves.  At first, I was one of them.  It was so good, so emotionally resonant, so cleverly scripted and superbly acted, so right, how could anyone, even Josh Whedon, consider bringing Buffy back?  She was so good she died to save us all.  Twice!

I have changed my mind. I’ve been thinking about why I loved it so much, and that I often wish there was something so mature and open, so inclusive, for my friend’s children to watched, and it dawned on me (as it did on Buffy, season 5 – ha, see what I did there?); why wish it when it looks like Josh Whedon may be about to reboot a series that would give them exactly that!

There were problems with Buffy at the time, not least its whiteness and able-bodiedness.  This could be the opportunity to write those wrongs (pun intended).  This could be Buffy 2.0, this could be Godfather II, The Empire Strikes Back, Aliens.

This could be the series that redresses all the criticisms of BtVS way back when.  I really hope so, and I am excited to see the new series because of the possibilities it brings and the hopes I have as an intersectional feminist that it will really be that good.

Let’s just hope it’s not Roseanne (the Racist Trump-Voter Years).  Nobody needs their memories destroyed like that.

Josh Whedon, we of the Buffyverse are watching you carefully.  Please don’t screw this up.

And will someone please make a series about the Birds of Prey, lead by Barbara Gordon’s Oracle?  Please?!  I hear Gotham is ending soon…



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