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GUEST BLOG-Diane Goldie Artwear

October 8, 2018

Well, it’s a bit of a guest blog, in that I wrote it for my friend and creative genius Diane Goldie.  I reproduce my section of the article here, with permission, and strongly recommend you click through to Diane’s site not only to see and hopefully either purchase or commission some of her wonderful innerwear (as I am now calling it), but also to read the full post which is longer than my mere wordage below! I’m leaving the photos of me wearing said Diane Goldie productions, so you’ll have to click to see that!

Wearing Myself

I first ordered a bespoke Diane Goldie artwork dress in 2014, in anticipation of the first handfasting celebration that I had been asked to participate in.  I wanted something unique, a dress that reflected me on a very basic and spiritual level, which also made me feel comfortable and look fabulous.  No pressure on Diane at all then!

So many images, so many words, so much that needed streamlining to fit on a dress; I knew the style I wanted, I knew the base colour I wanted, but what else?  What images could I select that would make me feel I was wearing my soul on the outside?

Diane is a fabulous collaborator; she intuits what you want, and the clothing is a part of you, not a covering for your skin.  My dress is an extra limb, a constantly firing neuron, an unspoken shout of who I am.

So of course, one is not enough and I have already purchased another off-the-rack sale item which again seemed to have been made for me.  Who knows, maybe it was?  It just took the sale for the dress and myself to find each other.

To wear a Diane Goldie artwork is not just to wear an item of clothing.  It is wearing oneself out, loud, proud and honest. It is a pride in myself that doesn’t put me above others, but above my own insecurities and my worst fears.  It is a shield and a sword that cuts through the bullshit to who I am and to who those who see it are.  I can trust the reactions of those who see what I am wearing.

If they love the clothing as much as I do, then I know I may have found a new friend.

I have ideas for my next commissioned piece.  That’s the (not a) problem with Diane Goldie clothing; like tattoos, you will find yourself always wanting more!


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