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Boris Johnson: Not My Prime Minister

July 23, 2019

Boris “Bloody” Johnson is now officially (well, as of Wednesday) the UK Prime Minister, elected by 92,000+ of the eligible voters who are members of the Conservative Party.  87% of the eligible voters voted, he beat his nearest rival by nearly double the amount of votes available.Boris Bloody Johnson

What does this say about us?

Well, it says that we are perfectly content for a proven sexist, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, fake-buffoon (he is not an idiot and it would be foolish of us to think he is) Bullingdon Boys Club, Old Etonian WMP*-poster boy to be the leader of this country.  He has put UK residents in active danger with his ‘quips’, his period as Foreign Secretary was appallingly racist and full of ill-judged comments, and he has been sacked more times from newspaper publications for lying and ineptitude than anyone who was not an old boy would ever be allowed.

None of this was a surprise.  All of this was well known before he even stood as potential leader of the UK.

He will get on well with Donald Trump, the disaster that is leading the United States of America.  We need to keep a closer eye on the NHS than we ever have before.  He is not above further privatising by outsourcing and deliberate underfunding to decimate what we already have.

He may be Prime Minister, but not in my name.

What can we do?  Nothing more than continue to fight the bigotry he and his ilk allow to suppurate throughout our society.  Strive always to be a good ally to those who are not of our particularly identities, and fight for the rights of everyone in the country.  It is no coincidence that since austerity measures have been brought in, and with it the furthering of divide-and-conquer capitalist activity, bigoted attacks have increased.  Thoughts and prayers are not going to save us.  Continued proactivity in whatever way you can is the only thing we all can do.  Find out what your MP actually does, and how they vote, and hold them to account.

I will be observing a short period of mourning, as I am finding my mental health badly affected by the knowledge that there are people who really do think oppression of the people by arbitrary category is a good idea for government.  I try to think the best of people, but it’s hard when this happens.

I’m thinking of fluffy kittens and rainbows, and this too shall pass.

Boris “Bloody” Johnson.  Really?  He is actually the worst of the two options, but that’s just asking if arsenic or cyanide is your preferred after dinner drink.

But Boris “Bloody” Johnson… Not in my name.

Party official websites:

Alliance Party of Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland

Conservative Party (Tories

Democratic Unionist Party (Northern Ireland

Green Party (England and Wales

Labour Party (

Liberal Democrat Party (

Plaid Cymru (Wales

Scottish Green Party (

Scottish National Party (

Sinn Féin (Northern Ireland

Social Democrat & Labour Party (Northern Ireland

UK Independence Party (UKIP

Ulster Unionist Party (Northern Ireland

*White Male Privilege

BoJo Not in my name

One Comment
  1. Worth remembering that he’ll also screw things up quicker than his counterparts and he is a Marmite character, both of which could blow up in the Tories’ faces.

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