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Roamin’ around Rome… The long avoided threequal.

November 18, 2022

Sooterkin explains just why our itinerary was loose.

In the words of Nevyn

I want to apologise for the delay of this posting… In my defence I have been distracted. I blame the gaming companies. Every year, around my spawning day, various software companies release products that may almost be specifically targeted towards me. Egotistical me?

Admittedly, I am easily distracted away from anything that could be interpreted as ‘work’. Of course, all that prevarication has meant that my memories have been diluted, edited and restructured. Unfortunately this means that this will be a slightly more condensed version of OurHero and LSA’s further adventures in Rome.

But where did we get to? Oh yeah. Here…

LSA in her rightful place. At the Temple of Venus.

Having done enough of the Fora and colosseum as they can in one day Our Adventurers attempt the following day to go to the highly recommended Crypto Balbi. Unfortunately it is entirely pre-booked tickets only. Frustratingly, the only…

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