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Who Am I?

Good question – not something I can answer as I am however people perceive me to be, at the time the perception takes place…

In brief, I suppose, I am: feminist, equality activist, identified as English-heritage (with a bit of Scottish), disabled, cisgender, heterosexual (although really, how hetero is anyone?), working-class now but university educated and lower middle-class as a child (though parents from working class backgrounds; this class thing is really complicated…), policy not party political, dirty-minded (although more by accident than design), silly/sensible, travelled (how well is comparative but countries visited are in the low double digits), chronologically adult and opinionated.

That’s pretty much it.  I am now categorised for ease of reference, although none of the above can possibly say who or how I am…

One Comment
  1. HEY YOU.
    I love your work and I run KnockBack Magazine. COuld you furnish me with an email or drop me a note at and maybe we could publish some of your stuff?

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