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Duo Cafelatte and a Permanent Grin

November 11, 2022

I went to Rome. Sooterkin has blogged about it. Brilliantly.

In the words of Nevyn

Finally, Our hardy adventurers are standing by a structure I spent a long time studying and historically deconstructing during my degree and it is making all my fizzy zones go into overdrive simultaneously. To be able to discern through personal observation the varying qualities of workmanship and stylistic methods visible rather than relying on a guided breakdown of two dimensional photographs is making Our Hero quite giddy. To share that knowledge with the ever patient, indulgent, and long-suffering LSA is worth all of the wrong turns, dodged vehicles, and over-heated heads.

In case you are wondering what I’m taking about, here’s a clue:

Yes! It’s the up-cycled Arch of Constantine.

What did you think, that our adventurers were going to just stumble off home after walking the entire perimeter of the Theatro de Flavian (do you know I think I’ve spelled at least two out of the last three words…

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