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I’m a Paid Columnist – Yes, Really!

April 29, 2014

I try to post at least one or two blogs a month, so you, oh-beloved-reader-mine©, can have something to either argue with, laugh at or look incredulously toward with your morning coffee’n’muffin.  However, I have also started to write for the wonderful Pilot TV News as an opinion columnist (which fills my heart with all the squee) so thought you might like a butcher’s* at my scribblings thus far.

If you like, please repost the articles from the Pilot TV News site.  I am providing the full links to make this easier to cut and paste, as well as a click through.  Thank you very much, kind-reader.

I am proud to present (in date order of publication) – MY COLUMNS:

This first one deals with the use of the word ‘revolution’; what does it mean?  What format could or should a revolution take?  Do we need one?  (spoiler: I say yes):

It seems obvious, really, and intersectional identity feminism is not a new idea.  I have been learning about it and studying proponents such as Angela Davies since 1990, and it certainly existed as a concept and reality in feminism before I knew the word.  Somehow, though, it still seems to be new to those who do not understand the fundamental ideals of feminist thought:

Should you, or anyone, vote?  Is it really possible to have a democratic process when there is no equality of candidate, in number, parties represented and amount of people represented by a single MP?  What do you think?

Twitter, and other social media, is rife with violent, sexually degrading and humiliating language aimed at any woman who puts her head above the parapet and has a publicly expressed opinion.  I’ve been lucky so far…:

The government is failing, the measures are not working and poverty is on the rise:

An arbitrary age, bearing no relation to the form of consent to be given, the maturity of teenager, the education and understanding they may have and the relationships they may embark on.  Time for a re-think on the age of consent and sex education for all, methink(s):

Islamaphobia – the latest in a long line of mistaking religious belief for culture/skin-colour.  Argue with an ideology, don’t demonise a people based on a racist assumption because of it:

Yes, a debate on immigration is needed.  However, unless we are given facts rather than force-fed propaganda, and unless it is discussed in the context of economy, family and refugee need, we can never have a real debate or real solution:

Scare-mongering headlines of ‘gendercide’ – again the real issues are ignored in an attempt to govern what women do with their bodies.  Most irksome (I write, understating dramatically):

Misunderstanding, misrepresentation or ignorance – whatever the cause, racism is the result.  It is privilege to believe that such an image does not at the very least subconsciously promote and perpetuate racist inequality:

Who is/are Anonymous? What are they for?  What do they do?  Most importantly, who are they responsible for or answerable to?  Who watches the watchers?

The war on drugs is killing people.  It has failed, repeatedly.  Moreover, it has been fought by hypocrites and ignored scientific evidence and evidentiary experience.  Time for a change:

Be warned, there is rumour of a v-log being created for Pilot TV News, upon which I may feature in all my glorious technicolour reality!

*butcher’s hook = look (for the non-cockney amongst you)

PILOT TV NEWS–Our content is free under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No-Derivative 3.0 license.


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