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It’s Not Enough

February 24, 2013

It’s not enough, not enough, not enough to live on. A living wage

Is not enough.

A living rent, a living economy, a living nutrition, a living essence,

Is not enough.

A living balance for everyone.  A living price for our lives.

Is not enough.

What we have is not a living wage, is not a living life. It

Is not enough.

The higher the profit, the lower the value of life, and it

Is not enough.

The gap is growing, wider and broader and the bridge

Is not enough.

Crumbling edifice of wooden struts spanning, no longer.

Is not enough.

I fight for a living wage but I know in my heart, my soul, that it

Is not enough.

Whilst profit leads and the populace bleeds, it will never be.

It’s not enough.

Tina Price-Johnson © 24.2.13

Inspired by an article in today’s Guardian, posted on Facebook.  Working families are being evicted from their homes because they cannot afford private rents.  The middle-classes who can no longer afford to buy are moving to the private rented sector; landlords are upping rents to profit from this and the working, the poor, those already disenfranchised are being squeezed out of their communities, losing their homes and moving to where they can no longer afford to commute to their jobs, should they be lucky enough to have them.  Wages don’t cover bills, choices between food, heating, clothing, caring for child or adult; these decisions should not have to be made.  Benefits are lied about, the public are told about rich welfare beneficiaries, these are falsehoods.  The poor are demonised, society becomes them-and-us, and the only winners are those already at the top of the heap.

We need more than a living wage.  We need a living economy.


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